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Surely Insured

Discover more about the Surely Insured Web App, including a project overview, the tools utilized, and demo links for exploring the project in action.

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Project Background

Surely Insured is an innovative solution that enables car insurance companies to calculate premiums with precision. By utilizing location data, Surely Insured provides valuable insights to assist in insurance pricing decisions. Focusing on modernizing the presentation of traffic incidents and severity scores, this project makes use of the Google Maps Platform Geocoding API, Google Maps Platform Maps JavaScript API, and Geotab Ignition datasets.

Key Objectives:
1. Modernize the presentation of traffic incidents and severity scores.
2. Provide data-driven analytics to support affordable insurance premiums.
3. Utilize Google Maps Platform and Geotab Ignition datasets for valuable insights.

To learn more about Surely Insured's capabilities, explore the project demo and access the code repository using the links below.

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Tools Used

Geotab Datasets
Google Maps API